Thursday, July 7, 2011

That's A Wrap!

Well...I made it!  Only by the complete grace of God though did I make it. 
There were days I honestly didn't think I, or my children, could handle one more day.  But God promises His mercies are new everyday and whatdayaknow - that happens to be true; so this became a promise that I clung to.

You see, for the last 2 months I've been doing this...
And this...
And teaching kids to do this...
Yes...I'm totally bragging on Jaxon's dive.  But I'm SO proud of how far it has come this season!
Something I absolutely love - Swimming and Coaching (but probably wasn't the wisest decision I've made considering I & R had only been home about a month when the season started.)  But the LORD carried us through!  And He even brought us an angel to help.  I am forever grateful to her for the love and care she gave my children and she will forever be their beloved "Sammy."  Thanks Samantha!  I wouldn't have made it without you!  You saw me and my house at it's absolutely lowest and yet you still came back.  WOW~ I'm hoping time will erase those memories from your head forever. :)
Behind me are 40 - 60 hour work weeks; but I've been left with 176 children that I came to love, the greatest coaches I've ever worked with, an amazing tan (one that I will blame all my wrinkles on in a few short years), Speedo tan lines that someone my age shouldn't be sporting and an undefeated season for our coaches relay. :)

My kids don't seem to resent me and I'm still partially sane, which is the best I could ever hope for anyways.
To my children, thank you for your patience and your adaptability. 

To my Husband, you extended grace far beyond what would be reasonable.  Thank you. 
To my friends, forgive me for my abandonment.  Thank you for not taking it personal.  I owe each of you that I didn't return phone calls or emails to for 2 months, dinner at Chuy's.  :)
And here is a shout out to all those working moms.  I have no idea how you do it everyday.  God Bless YOU!

Though Isaiah didn't swim on the team this season, he lost no time in learning how to put on a cap...
And if he doesn't get the swimming thing down, he already has the making of a coach...
Where Ruth is, her BFF is not far behind... :)

So, HELLO SUMMER!  Oh, how I've missed thee!  With your lazy, jammie wearing, board game playing, movie watching, bike riding, snow cone making, playing till dark - kind of days.  I am committed to make the most of you from now till August 22!

Till next season! :)