Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To Be a Little Girl

Daddy, will you catch me if I jump?
And Daddy, when I ask this, I am really wanting to know so much more. 
I'm asking, "Will you always be there for me?"
For you see daddy, my heart is still so very tender and I need you to protect it as I heal and grow.  
And when my tears come, hold me in your strong arms, for that is where I feel the safest. 
And when I don't understand something, your patience and compassion are what is helping me to learn. 
Daddy, your love is teaching me to...



You see daddy, what I'm really learning is to be a little girl again.  
A little girl that's delighted in, for I've never had a daddy whose attention I captivated.   
You daddy, are teaching me that I am a beautiful, precious and irreplaceable child of God
that is worthy of love.
So Catch me when I jump Daddy...

And hold me tight...


And I will learn to dance for always and forever...

" bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes..."
Isaiah 61

Monday, August 8, 2011


I'm in mourning...

I took my 4 precious children along with 2 precious friends to an indoor petri dish of germs inflatable playland.  We haven't been in a couple of years, but I had groupons that needed to be used and it was the perfect activity for ALL the children - big and small, boy and girl. 

About 5 minutes upon arrival, it dawned on me...I was the only mommy there that wasn't with another mommy.  My kids still had their playdates but where was mine?  The thought completely took me by surprise and then left this little hole in my stomach.  My playdates are days of past.  Wonderful memories of a phase of life that is gone. 
When your first and even your second are itty-bitty, us moms live for playgroups and playdates.  They are our moments of sanity in a world that is full of dirty diapers, sleepless nights, choking hazards, growth charts and car seat safety.

(For those that might need clarity, playdates are mommies sitting in the middle of toy strewn rooms, oblivious to the noise, carrying on adult conversation over their 3rd cup of coffee.  We pretended we were getting our children together for their sake (like they really need to be socialized at 2), but every mommy knew the truth - these were OUR playdates.) 

Gone are the days when I turn my head and my 2 year old has done this...
We so gradually phased out from that stage of life and into the next that I never realized it was never coming back.  And that was 4 years ago!

My kids still have playdates.  But I don't anymore.  We use the kids playdates as an opportunity to run errands, grocery shop, clean or go to appointments.  I think we think we don't need them anymore.  But as I watched the mommies handing off their babies so they could run to the bathroom and overhearing mommies discussing what preschools they should send their precious babies too, or what recipes they make that their kids will eat, I realized that maybe, I need that mommy playdate every once in a while.   Because the mom handing off their baby is saying, "I trust you with my life."  The mom that is discussing preschools is unsure of what the future holds and only wants the best for her child.  The mom that is sharing recipes is inviting someone to share her life with.  All of these are invitations into her heart.

As my kids grew out of that baby and toddler and preschool age, I found I needed the help and the advice and the comfort from other moms less and less.  Maybe that isn't so good.  Maybe I need myself a good playdate!
So be-warned...if I invite your child over to play with one of mine, there is a good chance I'll be standing there with a cup of hot coffee for you!

(By the way...on the whole preschool thing...IT DOESN'T MATTER whether you put your child on a waiting list when she was conceived, or stood in line all night for registration or don't send them at all, your child will turn out just fine!) :)

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."
Proverbs 22:6

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer in a Nutshell

OH.MY.GOODNESS!  Where did my summer go??  I thought coaching was keeping me from blogging, returning emails, phone calls, texts and cultivating friendships, but apparently it wasn't.  Apparently it's just me and my lack of sufficient energy required to maintain that level of commitment. 

The last 2 months have been incredible!  So many stories and adventures to blog about! 
That I WILL get to. 
Like when school starts in 2 weeks. 
I hope.

But in a nut shell...
After swim team, ALL 4 of my kids went to TBarM as day campers for a week.  WONDERFUL!!
Then we took off for Colorado where we spent most of July!
Now we are back in South Texas and all that my kids can do is look at each other, because it's so stinking hot!  They don't even have the energy to talk.  I.Totally.Understand.  So we are going Colorado that is.  To the highest incorporated city in the nation, where the high on the hottest day is 72 and the low is in the 40's and the sun shines every day, even when it rains.  I'll try and make it back before they need to report to school.

Oh, and I can not wait to post these, but we had professional pictures taken!!!  Here is a taste of what the very talented and fellow adoptive mommy-to-be, Jennifer Verme at Bend the Light Photography captured...