Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday Isaiah

Today is Isaiah's 10th Birthday.  And here I am - sitting at the exact same table, on the exact same computer, at roughly the same time, drinking coffee probably from the same cup, as I was last year.

Just for reminiscing purposes, I went back and read my blog entry from this exact moment a year ago - Happy Birthday Isaiah

And I decided to write a birthday letter again...

To my dearest Isaiah,

Today is your 10th Birthday!!  I know you are SO excited to be 10, so let me officially welcome you to 2 digits! 

Not unlike last year, my heart is burdened.  But I'm not burdened with sadness.  I'm burdened with excitement and anticipation!  I'm writing this while you, sweet boy, are safe and sound upstairs, still sound asleep in your warm bed. 
I'm ready for you to open your eyes and see the balloons that are adnoring the stairs! 
I can't wait to see the look on your face when you open your presents! 
I can't wait to make your favorite breakfast and take you to lunch! 
In truth, I can't wait to spoil you with our love and time today. 

You have waited paitently through every one of your siblings birthday.  You've seen their balloons, their favorite foods, their presents, but never once did you show a spirit of jealousy.  You have a heart that is so incredibly rare Isaiah.  It's a pure heart.  It's a compassionate heart.  It's a kind and generous heart.  It's a loving heart.  You would give up anything for your siblings or your friends.  You sincerely empathize with those around you that are hurting and lonely.  Remember the puppy at the pet store?  You had a nightmare that night.  Not because the puppy was was sick and dying or someone was hurting it.  You woke up crying because that puppy was all alone in his kennel and you were devastated that he was feeling lonely.  OH!  It breaks my heart that you still so clearly remember and identify with lonliness.  But maybe the feeling of lonileness breaks your heart so much because you now know what it feels like to belong and to be wanted and loved and you wanted that for the puppy.  Was that it sweet boy? 
Oh my boy, my prayer is that you NEVER lose that!  That this world doesn't rob you of how Christ made you!  That the enemy's lies, which form in your head, never take root in your heart!   

In your last Birthday letter, I said that your birth mom loved you, but she was unable to care for you.  Oh Isaiah, I never knew how true those words were!  Though I can't imagine how incredibly hard it was for you and Ruth that day daddy and I met her, I will forever be grateful for those minutes with your birth mother.  For now I also know why she chose the name Isaiah for you.  Isaiah, we CAN GIVE YOU SOME PART of your history!  Do you know how important that is?!  

I also realized that I never went back and told the story of how that money came back to us.  (You'll have to read here first to understand... Happy Birthday Isaiah)  (Well, short story version is that a complete stranger that I sat next to on the plane, as we were returning home from meeting you, mailed us a card and a check written out in the exact amount your present cost!  How crazy cool is that?!  God is SO GOOD!)

Isaiah, your smile lights up a room!  Your thirst and curiousity for life and everything all around you is contagious!  Your passion and your prayers is something I truly admire!  Your willingness to help is something I wish was contagious (for your brother and sister!) :)  You love and defend the Aggies as if you had already been to Fish Camp.  You have a natural athletic talent that is so awesome to watch.   

Happy 10th Birthday Isaiah!  We Love you and are so proud to call you our son.  I can't wait to see what this next year holds!!