Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Flames

Valentine's Day was flaming hot at our house last night!
...just not in the way one might assume.

Yesterday was a little crazy with kids activities overlapping, so at 4:15 I showed Brian what needed to be done to dinner and out I ran to take Ruth to swim lessons.
(Yes, I totally see the irony that I'm taking my youngest to swim lessons considering I teach and coach 180 kids in swimming so please don't point that out to me.) :)

I was running a few minutes getting home because of this...
Ruth passed 2 levels and got to ring the bell and receive her ribbons. 
YEAH Ruthie!!

So I walked in at about 5:15 and looked outside to see this...

So I went and grabbed the fire extinguisher so Brian could do this...

Apparently, putting olive oil on heart shaped hamburgers is NOT a good idea if you are going to grill in an open flame. 

I LOVE my exciting, never-a-dull-moment life that the LORD has blessed me with!!  Hope ya'll had a happy Valentine's Day too!


  1. Oh my! So glad that you caught it in time!

    Way to go Ruth!

  2. what did you end up eating for dinner? lol

  3. I think it's awesome that you stopped to take pics of the blaze :)