Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To Be a Little Girl

Daddy, will you catch me if I jump?
And Daddy, when I ask this, I am really wanting to know so much more. 
I'm asking, "Will you always be there for me?"
For you see daddy, my heart is still so very tender and I need you to protect it as I heal and grow.  
And when my tears come, hold me in your strong arms, for that is where I feel the safest. 
And when I don't understand something, your patience and compassion are what is helping me to learn. 
Daddy, your love is teaching me to...



You see daddy, what I'm really learning is to be a little girl again.  
A little girl that's delighted in, for I've never had a daddy whose attention I captivated.   
You daddy, are teaching me that I am a beautiful, precious and irreplaceable child of God
that is worthy of love.
So Catch me when I jump Daddy...

And hold me tight...


And I will learn to dance for always and forever...

" bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes..."
Isaiah 61


  1. Hi- I saw what you wrote to Chrissie's family. God is amazing! You've sparked my interest in adoption from St Vincent. My husband lived there when he was younger and we looked into adoption from there but couldn't find anything very helpful. Would you mind sharing with me what route your family took?